Sandra Rodriguez Barron

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The Fifth Annual Festival of Women Writers: 
September 8, 9, 10, 2017,
Hobart, N.Y. The Book Village of the Catskills

9/8/2017 Festival Opening Readings
Sandra Rodriguez Barron

9/10/2017 Workshop
   Descriptive Techniques for Fiction and
  Creative Non-Fiction
Presented by  Sandra Rodriguez Barron

Borges famously said, “Writing is but a guided dream.” In order to maintain that delicate dream state (especially for a longer work), a writer has to offer carefully chosen data for all the senses, not just sight.

Participants will learn to construct vivid sensory details, to craft emotion and thought, to harness the power of subtlety, and to avoid descriptive traps—all without interrupting the flow of action.

Three short readings, sent in advance, will serve as discussion texts and will help stimulate a 3-5 page writing exercise prepared prior to the Workshop and to be shared with a Workshop partner.